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9 Immune-Boosting Juices That Will Fight Off Sickness

9 Immune-Boosting Juices That Will Fight Off Sickness

Your body’s defense system is constantly checking to see which cells belong to you and which don’t. It needs a meal full of vitamins and minerals to keep its energy up. The drinks below can help you fight colds because they have the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy and fight illnesses like colds. To start your day, find out how to make these drinks, shakes, and seed milk.

Immune-boosting Juice For Fighting Colds

Orange, Grapefruit, And Citrus

One of the best drinks to fight a cold is Citrus Explosion from Happy Foods Tube. It gives you all the Vitamin C you need every day. Vitamin C has antioxidants that help keep your cells safe from harmful chemicals. If you don’t get enough vitamin C, it can take longer for cuts to heal and make it harder to fight off illnesses.

Vitamin C given through an IV as a COVID-19 drug has been studied and found to have some promise. Planned clinical tests will use IV fluids instead of pills and focus more on treatment than prevention. Some people with colds may get better faster if they take a lot of vitamin C, which may help them feel better faster. The most an adult can take in a day is 2,000 mg.

Green Apple, Carrot, And Orange

If you have a cold or the flu, carrot, apple, and orange juice can help your body fight sickness and keep itself safe. Vitamin C can be found in apples and oranges. Carrots have beta-carotene, a vitamin A important for a healthy nervous system. Vitamin B-6, which you can get from carrots, is essential for making antibodies and defense cells that grow. While the oranges and carrots are sweet, the green apples are sour and go well with them.

Beet, Carrot, Ginger, And Apple

The drink from Minimalist Baker that fights colds is made with three root vegetables that boost your immune system and lower inflammation. When viruses or germs infect the body, they often cause inflammation as a defense mechanism. Some signs of a cold or the flu are a stuffy nose, cough, and body aches. Ginger in this drink can help people with rheumatoid arthritis because it lessens swelling.


Making your immune-boosting drink is the best way to ensure it is fresh and doesn’t have any extra stuff you don’t need. You can make a tremendous immune-boosting juice from Simply Recipes with just a few easy ingredients. You will only need a sieve and not a juicer or mixer to sort the bits. Tolons have a lot of folate, another name for vitamin B-9. It keeps people from getting sick. There is also some iron in tomatoes, which helps prevent swelling.

Kale, Tomato, And Celery

There are a lot of green drinks with kale, but Tesco’s Kale Mary is a unique take on the Bloody Mary. There are no sweets in this dish to hide the taste of the kale. Tomato juice, which has enough vitamin A, is used instead. It has been shown in some studies that adding hot horseradish to this mix may also help lower swelling. Blend the different ingredients using a blender to make a drink that will wake you up.

Strawberry And Mango

The strawberry mango drink from Feel Good Foodie is an excellent way to eat lunch. Frozen fruit is just as healthy as fresh fruit and can be used in this recipe. They can all be used at the same time if you have them. Mango and coconut milk suit your immune system because they have more vitamins than other foods.

Watermelon Mint

There are a lot of vitamins C and arginine in watermelon. These can help your immune system and make your muscles less stiff. People, especially older people, often feel pain and muscle aches when they have the flu. It might be easy to make this food because it’s mostly water. People who have colds can also mix watermelon juice with apple or orange juice, which doesn’t have much Vitamin A.

Pumpkin Seed

Many online pumpkin juice recipes call for extra sweets or health-boosting juice from the store. We chose to use pumpkin seed milk mix from The Blender Girl instead. It’s one of the healthiest and newest meals you can find online. It can be used to make fruit smoothies. It is also suitable for your health in many ways. This milk might not only help your immune system work better but it might also:

  • Signs or effects of menopause, like high cholesterol, can be bad for bone health.
  • Urinal health
  • Hair and skin
  • Mental health
  • Prostate health

Zinc is found in large amounts in pumpkin seeds. Many cold medicines already contain zinc, which helps reduce swelling and boost the immune system. Australian experts are investigating how giving zinc through an IV could help people with trouble breathing because of COVID-19. At least one research project in the United States examines how well zinc works to keep people from getting SARS-CoV-2.

Green Apple, Lettuce, And Kale

Ve vitamins and minerals in green apple juice from vegetables help keep the nervous system fit. Someone at Show Me the Yummy makes a great juice that will make everyone want to eat their veggies, especially kids.


One of the more tasty ways to stay healthy is to make juice, smoothies, and other healthy drinks. You can always add superfoods like chia seeds and wheat germ for more health benefits. To keep your immune system healthy, you should also care for your cleanliness, drink enough water, get enough rest, lower your stress, and work out daily.

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