How Can I Remove Cracks‎ In The Corner Of My‎ Lips? – Health Tips

How Can I Remove Cracks‎ In The Corner Of My‎ Lips?

How Can I Remove Cracks‎ In The Corner Of My‎ Lips?

Cracks in the corner‎ of your lips can be‎ rough, hurt, and look bad.‎ Many things can cause them,‎ from thirst to more significant‎ health issues. Cracks in the‎ corner of the lips are‎ very painful and must be‎ treated immediately to help the‎ lips heal. Feel better about‎ yourself by reading this blog‎ post. It has ten ways‎ to fix cracks in the‎ corners of your lips. Whether‎ your lips crack sometimes or‎ stay dry always, these tips‎ can help them stay healthy‎ and smooth.

What Are Cracked‎ Lips Corners?

When you have‎ cracked mouth corners, the corners‎ of your mouth and lips‎ are dry, sore, split, or‎ chapped. There may also be‎ surface breaks and parts of‎ the mouth that bleed or‎ hurt. In medicine, cracked corners‎ of the mouth are known‎ as angular cheilitis and perlèche.‎ The edges of your mouth‎ getting cracked aren’t usually caused‎ by anything wrong, and they‎ won’t hurt your health. Some‎ sicknesses, like a cold, anemia,‎ dehydration, or insufficient calories, can‎ make the corners of your‎ mouth crack.

What Causes A‎ Mouth Corner To Crack?

A‎ cracked mouth corner is usually‎ a small sign that you‎ are dehydrated or have a‎ cold. It could also be‎ caused by your environment or‎ a habit like licking your‎ lips.

Things In The Environment‎ That Cause Mouth Corners To‎ Crack,

  • Cold weather.
  • Dry weather‎
  • Windy conditions.
  • UV damage

Other‎ Common Reasons A Corner Of‎ The Mouth Might Crack Are‎

  • Wearing lip balm or gloss‎ could cause an allergic response.‎
  • Anemia
  • Mouth breathing.
  • A yeast‎ problem.
  • Sores on the lips‎ (created by herpes simplex virus‎ illness).
  • Simple cold.
  • Licking lips‎
  • Dehydration
  • Vitamin Deficiency (D)

10‎ Home Remedies For Lip Corner‎ Cracks

Lack of water, a‎ bad diet, or even some‎ medical conditions can crack the‎ corner of your lips. To‎ remove cracks in the corner‎ of your lips, do these‎ ten things:

1. Honey

Honey‎ can help heal wounds and‎ reduce inflammation, so it can‎ be used to treat cracked‎ corners of the mouth. You‎ should wait a few minutes‎ after putting love on the‎ mouth cracks. To get it‎ off, use cool water. It‎ is excellent to know that‎ honey can help fight off‎ germs that can cause diseases.‎

2. Olive Oil

Because it‎ kills germs, olive oil can‎ help fix cracked mouth corners.‎ It can help people who‎ have different skin problems and‎ virus illnesses. Olive oil can‎ assist in keeping your skin‎ soft, smooth, and healthy by‎ reducing inflammation and soothing the‎ skin. Rub olive oil into‎ the edges of your lips.‎ Wait a minute or two‎ before you rinse with cold‎ water.

3. Tea Tree Essential‎ Oil

Because it kills viruses‎ and fungi, tea tree oil‎ can help heal cracked lip‎ corners. It works great for‎ treating all skin problems. Place‎ some drops of tea tree‎ oil on the edges of‎ your mouth that are hurt.‎ Wash it with water after‎ a while. Three to four‎ times a day should eliminate‎ the problem immediately.

4. Yogurt‎

The germs in yogurt are‎ still alive and can help‎ heal the corners of your‎ mouth that are dry, cracked,‎ or chapped. This might help‎ your skin stay healthy, soft,‎ and wet. Spread some yogurt‎ on your face and rub‎ it in slowly to absorb‎ it. You shouldn’t eat yogurt‎ if it makes your mouth‎ crack because of germs.

5.‎ Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera‎ gel can help fix cracks‎ on the sides of the‎ lips because it has healing‎ properties. It repairs breaks in‎ the skin and keeps it‎ soft and wet. It’s easy‎ to fix. Just put aloe‎ vera gel on the go,‎ rub it in, and wash‎ the area with cold water.‎

6. Castor Oil

It is‎ one of the best oils‎ for mouth corners that are‎ broken. If you have dry‎ skin or cracked skin, castor‎ oil can help. It can‎ also make you feel better.‎ It can also treat infections‎ and stop them from growing‎ because it is an antibiotic.‎ You can add essential oils‎ to this thick oil to‎ make it thinner if you‎ want to. They work better‎ and get better faster because‎ of this.

7. Lemon And‎ Coconut Oil Mixture

 Antioxidants in‎ lemon can help fix lips‎ and mouth corners that are‎ dry and cracked. It can‎ also help eliminate germs, making‎ the skin heal faster. But‎ coconut oil can help the‎ face heal since it gets‎ rid of germs. Mix the‎ same amount of coconut oil‎ and lemon juice in a‎ bowl. Fill in the cracks‎ in the corners with the‎ paste, then wash it off‎ with water.

8. Cucumber Slices‎

You can also cool your‎ lips and help the cracks‎ heal by cutting them with‎ a cucumber. It helps with‎ pain and makes the skin‎ heal faster. Put pieces of‎ a cucumber in the area‎ for a while. Also, the‎ best natural way to keep‎ your face clean is to‎ use cucumber.

9. Petroleum Jelly‎

Petrol jelly can help repair‎ and soothe a cracked mouth.‎ To avoid getting sick, use‎ a fresh jar of petroleum‎ jelly and put a small‎ amount on the cracks in‎ your mouth when needed. Putting‎ petroleum jelly between your face‎ and spit keeps your mouth‎ from getting wet.

10. Mouthwash‎

This won’t heal the cracks‎ in the corners of your‎ lips, but it will keep‎ them from worsening. If you‎ go to the doctor, someone‎ who is sick may tell‎ you to use mouthwash to‎ get better. Antibiotics and antifungals‎ in these mouthwashes assist in‎ easing pain and remove yeast‎ and germs that cause illnesses.‎

How Can I Avoid Cracked‎ Lip Corners?

Keeping your face‎ clean and caring for it‎ can help you avoid getting‎ cracked lips. Make sure that‎ the area around your mouth‎ is wet and not hurt.‎ It’s less possible that germs‎ or yeast will grow there‎ after this. If you don’t‎ want to drool, try putting‎ lip balm on your lips‎ and under your tongue.

Daily‎ lip balm can also assist‎ in keeping lips from getting‎ cracked and dry. Also, making‎ sure your mouth stays dry‎ would help. Dry lips can‎ make you make too much‎ saliva. If your angular cheilitis‎ is caused by how your‎ mouth opens, talk to your‎ dentist about crowns or fillers‎ that can help.


You‎ can quickly remove angular cheilitis‎ or cracked mouth corners if‎ you know what to do.‎ Things like orange juice and‎ cheese can help your body‎ heal faster. Some foods may‎ help cuts heal faster by‎ making skin cells grow back.‎

In the same way, stay‎ away from acidic and salty‎ foods to keep the area‎ healthy and free of pain.‎ These natural remedies can help‎ heal cracked corners of your‎ lips. These medicines are all-natural‎ and don’t cause any harmful‎ effects. You now know how‎ to fix the corners of‎ your lips that are cracked‎ quickly cracked corners of your‎ lips.

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